Artisan MetalCraft is a workshop based business, specialising in Automotive work but not exclusively. Unfortunately no site work or fittings are carried out.


Exhausts, Manifolds, Fuel Tanks, Suspension Components, luggage Racks, Work Benches, Heavy Duty Awning Brackets.... you name it, it's probably been fabricated here!


Sheet Metal work

Aluminium, Stainless Steel and Mild Steel... here at the Artisan MetalCraft workshop we have a wide variety of equipment to cut, fold and form sheet metal.  


TIG and MIG Welding

Stainless Steel, Aluminium and Mild Steel TIG welding and Mild Steel MIG welding. 

Batch work can be taken on from other Companys to a small crack/fracture repair in an Exhaust, If something needs welding or repairing, do get in touch!


Alloy Wheel Repairs, Alloy wheels can be welded, although this will be a structural weak point on the wheel and it could fracture again in the same place.

A Disclaimer "Use at owners risk" has to be signed on collection, as a new replacement wheel is always advised.




Restoration, Refurbishment and Modification


Smaller restoration work can be undertaken, from panel replacement/repairs to body modifications. Artisan MetalCraft has a well equipped workshop to form new panels if the pattern panels not be purchased.

 All Work carried out will be to the highest standard, No "quick fixes to get it through an M.O.T".

Photo's are necessary, please Email. 

Larger Restoraion work,

If you've had a vehicle stripped, acid dipped or blasted to show any hidden horrors then full restorations could be undertaken. Photos necessary please Email.


Panel Forming/Metal shaping

From a set of Bespoke Aluminium wider wheel arches to Mild Steel replacement panels, these can be made using a lovely old cast English Wheel that can produce compound curves. For smaller and more intricate panels a Hammer Forming Buck can be used, along with sand bags, bead rolling machines etc to stretch and shrink the materials. 


Bespoke non- automotive Commisions

From time to time I get approached to fabricate one-off items that require a bit of finesse and vision. Gates, railings and sculptures to name a few.