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Mr Pritchard's Beetle Fuel Tank

This was a commissioned piece for a Historic Race Car (Beetle).

The standard Fuel Tank capacity wasn't enough, this caused the Beetle to pitstop more frequently during a race.

The replacement Fuel Tank needed to be able to hold as much fuel as possible... but still use the standard mounting position. A fuel tank was Fabricated from 2mm Aluminium, this was Bead Rolled for strength and aesthetics, the ends and base were hammer formed around a wooden buck to create the large radius similar to that found on the stock tank.

The Fuel Tank had internal baffles TIG welded in place before fully TIG welding all the fabricated panels/parts together.

The finished tank was wider, higher and deeper with a larger capacity. It had a brushed finish and polished bead roll inlays, a few weeks later it was mounted in the beetle and being raced around Goodwood Circuit and then the Spa 6 hour.

Mr Sore's Sierra Build


This initially came into workshop for some restoration work on the rear of the sills, but as with most restoration work the extent of the corrosion was much worse than expected. The outer sills were in need of being replaced, the inner sill had rusted to the extent that it had separated from the floor pan. The panels were replaced using ones already available, or where necessary fully fabricated items were made and then TIG welded in place. The amount of restoration work else where on this is far too much to list on here, 100's of hours work. 

All corrosion was removed from the underside ,in fact it was taken back to bare metal, any slight pitting was treated, sealed and had the full underside recoated.

From there the customer was to fit a ST170 engine, which needed a bespoke engine mount fabricating.

The engine was then to be turbo'd , which needed a stainless steel equal length manifold fabricating.

From the turbo - back, a full 70mm exhaust stainless system was fabricated. The exhaust hangers were reworked and relocated for a tidier system.

The customer had a lot of input with the build as he knew exactly what he wanted, and as with all restoration work it's fully photo documented. 




Mr Powell's BMW E92 M3 Subframe -

S85 V10 Conversion Mounts

As some of you may know, a E92 M3 was a V8. BMW didn't make a V10 M3, and this is why Mr Powell contacted me.

With previous other non-production BMW builds, he knew exactly what he wanted.

Mr Powell arrived with, not a car but a mountain of parts and measurements. 

From this a Jig/Fixture was built to position and level the V10 block into the subframe. 

The mounting points needed to be relocated, fabricated and look as OEM as possible. As the Subframe is aluminium the mounting points were fabricated from aluminium and then fully TIG welded into there new position. The front Cross bar also needed notching for clearance of the sump and a infill welding in place.

With the customer already cutting a section of the sump away to clear another part of the subframe, the oil level sensor had to be relocated further back in the sump and a infill fabricating. 

The sump was clamped down to a flat level surface to help prevent any heat distortion, then the infill was fully TIG welded in place.



Mr Carpenter's Mk1 Caddy

This is a nice relatively untouched example, which had previously been in for a full turbo back stainless exhaust system. This time it was back for a bit of restoration work.

As with most MK1 Caddy's the panel below the rear window and bed panels rust away (I learnt this with my own).

The Customer supplied a replacement panel for below the window, this was prepared and sealed on the inside, any areas that were to be TIG welded were sprayed with a zinc weld through primer.

The bed had some rust holes, Full bed panels are available but it was in pretty good condition apart from the two holes. The owner intends on using the Caddy as it was designed, it's no show vehicle but wanted the bed repaired correctly.

Small fabricated repair panel sections were made that followed the contours of the existing pressing in the bed. The corroded areas were cut out, prepared, any light rust ground back to clean steel, this was then treated to prevent any future corrosion returning. The newly fabricated panels were also treated to prevent any future corrosion, areas to be welded were sprayed with a zinc weld through primer.

A few Different photo's from the past few years, Mostly Commissions, some personal projects and presents. (Not all Automotive)

Just a few pictures to show the variation of vehicles that have been in the workshop, If a vehicle is in for a period of time it's fully wrapped in plastic sheeting or a fitted plastic car cover. This is done for the customers peace of mind, and to protect it from any dust that may be made while the vehicle is being worked on.